Our Comics

Whether it’s faith-based, pro-America/patriotic, or action-packed good-guy adventures (sorry, no “anti-heroes” here), our comics are unique in that they all have one thing in common: they’re all family-friendly and they all deliver a positive message. Here are just a few of the comics that we offer:

ABOVE:  God’s Silver Soldiers;  for Teen Boys and Girls ages 11-and-up through Adults, geared a bit more to boys and men; ordinary, everyday young men and young women become super-heroes in St. Paul-Damascus Road-type experiences, and the team is led by a young woman called by God to assemble the Soldiers. God gave them their powers, the world gave them their passion. 
Little Soldier of the Cross; geared a bit more to Teen Girls (11-and-up) through Adults; another 1 of 3 titles in the more simple and classic Golden Age comicbook style; fosters Catholic-Protestant appreciation; a bold, young woman who identifies Catholic-Christian takes a stand wherever life finds her. Not at all meant to convert to the Catholic expression, this book is an attempt at a beginning understanding. The Girl with Super-Faith.

ABOVE: The Singing Sons of Thunder; for Kids (ages 5-and-up) through Teens and Adults; another 1 of 3 titles in the more-simple and classic Golden Age comicbook style; 2 eccentric, historical, role-playing brothers find adventure and action as they attempt to learn God’s ways and become God’s ambassadors—even God’s heralds.

The Amazing Melania; geared a bit more to Teen Girls ages (11-and-up) through Adults; 1 of 3 book titles fashioned after the more simple and classic Golden Age of Comicbooks from the 1930s-1950s; A wild, rebellious, girl singer “sees the Light” and becomes an evangelist-in-song for the Gospel and the Good News of Jesus Christ in a series filled with change and faith.

ABOVE: Scriptures for Superheroes; Art Greenhaw’s mentor in comicbook creation, Stan Lee, had always wanted to create a pocket-sized book of visual art and Bible texts, and Stan and Art even discussed this idea in their last meeting together in 2016. Art has taken his creative team and has begun the idea, and we are grateful for your support and encouragement of this at every stage of development and production. We are pleased to bring you installment and pocket-sized volume number one thanks to Faithmonger and this site.